European Renewable Energy Directive, Article 15

According to Article 15 of the European Renewable Energy Directive, each Member States must be able to guarantee the origin of electricity, heating and cooling produced from renewable energy sources. In line with the legislation, Member States shall ensure that a guarantee of origin is issued in response to a request from a renewable energy producer, or from producers of heating and cooling from renewable energy sources. Such an arrangement has to be made subject to a minimum capacity limit.

The legislation foresees that Member States shall ensure that the same unit of energy from renewable sources is taken into account only once. In addition, the issuance, transfer and cancellation of guarantees of origin shall be supervised by Member States or the competent authorities through appropriate mechanisms.

According to Article 15 a guarantee of origin shall also specify the energy source, the start and end dates of production, the identity, location, type and capacity of the installation where the energy was produced. In addition, it also has to indicate whether it relates to electricity, heating or cooling, whether and to what extent the installation has benefited from investment support or in any other way from a national support scheme.