Certifhy Public launch conference

Certifhy Public launch conference

On April 23, 2015 Save to calendar

At Brussels Rue des Palais, 44, 71 B-1030 Brussels





The project  Launch conference  took place on April 23th, in Brussels. The goals, activities and first results of the project were presented. Over 50 participants from over 8 countries had the opportunity to provide their experiences on existing schemes and all participants were invited to provide their views on how to best set an effective system that can gain acceptance and support among policy makers.

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Final program and list of Participants

1. CertifHy Project - Intro Wouter

2. Jyri Ylkanen European Commission

3 Certifhy Market outlook presentation-Daniel Fraile

4. Jansen-CertifHy-Relevant EU legislation and Policies

5. Klaus Nürnberger TÜV_2015-04-23

6. Altmann CertifHy Definition of green hydrrogen

7. Survey Process- Next Steps- Daniel Fraile




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