Association of Issuing bodies (AIB)

The AIB is an umbrella association that tries to coordinate rules, transfers and cancelations of energy tracking certificates within Europe. The organisation has recently introduced the AIB-inter registry hub to help facilitate the international exchange of energy certificates between all countries.

RECS International

RECS International is a non-profit organization striving for an open pan-European renewable energy market, facilitated by commonly accepted and harmonized tracking systems. Its main objectives are to stimulate renewable energy demand across Europe by adopting harmonized standards & principles for a transparent transfer of information to the end-user, and encourage the further generation of immerging renewable energy technologies by increasing competition and cost-efficiency through the expansion of cross-border trade and international cooperation mechanism.

Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd

Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd carries out a range of certification and consumer protection activities all of which promote sustainable energy. Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd's activities fall under two headings: consumer codes and certification schemes. The organisation has been working with a range of partners since 2010 to deliver certification schemes in the areas of biogas and bioenergy.