WP4 Definition of a new framework of guarantees of origin for “green” hydrogen

The goal of WP4 is to provide a comprehensive definition of a new framework of GoO for “green” hydrogen. As a first step, the results from WP2 and WP3 will fed into WP4, to enable the definition of technical specifications of the framework of guarantees of origin.

The work package will also define a set of rules and obligations for the GoO including: methodology and certification process, agencies involved, enforcement and controlling processes, transfer and use process, legislative, normative and regulatory aspects, etc. An impact analysis will be performed to evaluate the impacts related to the implementation of the GoO of "green" hydrogen that will focus on regulatory, legislative and economic aspects. Finally, the second consultation with Affiliated Partners and other relevant stakeholders will be set up in WP6 and performed in WP4 in preparation for the following work package.

WP5 Roadmap for the implementation of an EU-wide GoO scheme for green hydrogen

In collaboration with Affiliated Partners and other green hydrogen stakeholder, roadmap enabling the implementation of green hydrogen GoOs in Europe will be developed. The roadmap aims to synthesize and “initiate” recommendations of the project in practical terms, with a special focus on the needed regulatory and policy interventions. The roadmap will be presented to the FCH JU and the European Commission as a key outcome of the project.