The pilot is composed of four hydrogen production plants demonstrating different hydrogen production pathways located throughout Europe. Please find below more detailed information.

Air Liquide – SMR Port Jerome – France
Air LiquideThe pilot project conducted by the gas utility Air Liquide shows hydrogen production using steam methane reforming with a CCS/CCU unit located in France.

Key characteristics:

• H2 production capacity: ~4500 kg/h

• H2 utilisation: Refining Industry, Merchant

• CO2 utilisations: Food industry, Water treatment PH control, Green houses.

Pilot Air Liquide


AkzoNobel / Air Products – Chlor Alkali process Botlek – NetherlandsAirProducts logo pms347 JPG

The pilot demonstration by AkzoNobel and Air Products uses a chlor alkali process to produce Green Hydrogen in Rotterdam Botlek membrane electroloysis plant.

AkzoNobel Key characteristics: 

• Chlor-Alkali plant, 200 MW

• H2 Production capacity: 18 kt p.a.

• H2 utilisation:

• Delivery to Air Products

• Use in steam generation

Pilot AkzoNobel


Colruyt Group – Hydrogen by water electrolysis – Belgium
The pilot plant of the retailer Colruyt Group produces hydrogen with electrolysis for their forklifts, heavy duty vehicles and passenger carsColruyt Group P New

Key characteristics:

• H2 production capacity: 8 kg/h I PEM (3 kg/h) + Alkaline (5 kg/h)

• Storage: 85 kg

• Fuel Cell: 120 kW

4. pilot colruyt

Uniper – Windgas Falkenhagen – Germany

 uniperThe pilot project by Uniper produce hydrogen with water electrolysis.


• H2 production capacity: 32 kg/h


• H2 utilisation: 19 kg/h

• CO2 (biogenic) utilisation: 104 kg/h

• SNG1 production capacity: 41 kg/h

4. pilot uniper 2