Report D1.1 presents a compilation of all the literature and resources that have been reviewed for preparing a a market analysis and providing some estimations on the long-term market outlook for green hydrogen.  The report D1.2 shows how the hydrogen market is segmented today, and which are the main applications and users in the various sectors. Finally, report D1.3 provides a estimation on the potential market for hydrogen and green hydrogen in Europe until 2030. The estimations are based on an analyis of current regulatory frameworks and the suggestions of possible policy-diven scenarios. 
Report D2.1 provides an anaylsis of existing and recent EU regulation and EC communications on the quailitative assessment of energy carriers. In addition, information on requirements estipulated by EU legislation regarding consumer disclosure of renewable energy (electricity) and renewable energy guarantees of origin schemes are presented in this briefing paper. 
Report D2.2 identifies possible options for defining green hydrogen with the support of a survey and workshops with the affiliated partners and presents a structured list of requirements.
Report D2.4 presents the agreed final definition of ‘CertifHy Green’ Hydrogen with the support of the survey, workshops and inputs from the stakeholder consultations.

Report D3.1 provides an extensive review of past and current systems for Guarantees of Origin (GO), in order to set the scene for a hydrogen GO. It focuses on the (renewable) electricity sector, as GOs have been established most extensively for this sector. GOs for renewable methane, renewable heat and liquid renewable fuels are also discussed. The review provides lessons learnt from the existing GO systems, key remaining issues, and some initial considerations for a hydrogen GO.
Report D3.2 provides a concise analysis of the possible interactions between existing certification systems and a hydrogen GO scheme. These interactions mainly occur when energy carriers are converted into each other (e.g. power to hydrogen and vice versa, methane to hydrogen, etc.).
Report D3.3 presents the results of a consultation with a group of more than 40 stakeholders (Affiliated Partners, experts in GO systems, policy makers and other industry leaders) on the deliverables D3.1 and D3.2.

D3.1 Review of past and existing systems for guarantees of origins
D3.2 Interaction between existing certification schemes and the envisaged hydrogen GO system
D3.3 Stakeholders Interviews and recommendations on the establishment of a well-functioning EU hydrogen GO system

Report D4.1presents the scope of the GO scheme such as geographical boundaries, type of technologies, type and structure of GO scheme and the GO scheme process. Additionally, it defines the main principles to assure a manageable system and the roles and tasks of different stakeholders.

Report D4.2 specifies the requirements and processes of the GO scheme, the methodology for the evaluation of compliance. Furthermore, it defines the certifications process, develops requirements for verification bodies, provides basic specifications for designing the GO registry and information content of a GO.

D4.1 Definition of scope, main principles of the GO scheme as well as roles and tasks of the relevant actors
D4.2 Specification of rules and obligations of the GO scheme (requirements, methodologies, certification process and registration of GO)

Report D 5.1 presents a roadmap for implementation including the milestones and time-framed key actions of the CertifHy GO scheme. Additionally, it includes the current status of the hydrogen market, the definition of Premium Hydrogen, a description of the GO scheme and the challenges of establishing an EU-wide  GO scheme for hydrogen.

Report D5.3 summarizes the endorsement activities such as letters of endorsement and public statements about CertifHy from a wide range of stakeholders.


Other Publications

The publications below summarize the CertifHy outcomes in formats such as folder or presentation style. They present clearly the following topics: definition of green hydrogen, the guarantee of origin scheme and the implementation roadmap. 

CertifHy Folder: First EU-wide Guarantee of Origin for Green Hydrogen

CertifHy Presentation short

CertifHy Presentation: Introduction

CertifHy Presenation: Definition of Green Hydrogen

CertifHy Presenation: Definition of Green Hydrogen, Outcome and LCA Analysis

CertifHy Presentation: Guarantee of Origin Scheme 

CertifHy Presentation: Implementation Roadmap

CertifHy Endorsement Letters

Executive Summary and Roadmap