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Launch event in Brussels gathers interest from a wide-range of stakeholders from across EU

The conference, held on April 23rd in Brussels, gathered interest from a wide range of industry stakeholders, certification bodies and public authorities from all over Europe and was a success in discussing and showing the progress of the Certifhy Project. Over 50 participants had the opportunity to discuss the future implementation of a GoO scheme for “green hydrogen”.

Presentations from distinguish speakers included The European Commission, TUV, ECN, LBST and Hinicio.

A part of the conference was dedicated to assess the current energy policy landscape and discuss the possible future evolution of regulatory and market drivers for the uptake of green hydrogen in Europe. The European Commission highlighted the top priorities for the EU on sustainable energy policy, including the Energy Union plan and the focus on increasing system Flexibility. Hydrogen could contribute to providing such flexibility through energy storage and conversion of energy from power to gas application (including mobility). Hinicio presented a draft market outlook for green hydrogen by 2030, analyzing the potential use of hydrogen in several market segments and providing recommendations on the needed regulatory changes.

A panel discussion was conducted by industrial players, including representatives from RECS International, AIB and EDF. Many lessons learnt from the experience of the GoO for renewable electricity were put forward. The GoO should be tradable, simple, transparent, cheap and consumers’ oriented. TUV SUD, complemented some of the findings presenting a comprehensive assessment of the GoO market for renewable electricity. It showed that while the GoO is in principle EU-wide scheme/market, Member States make different interpretations of the legislation, complicating the trade between countries and fragmenting the market.

Finally, members of the consortium presented the ongoing work for the definition of a GoO for green hydrogen. The project members are currently assessing different approaches, looking at how to account for the renewable’s input and how to deal with information on the GHG profile, among other issues.  The project announced the launch a public consultation in the upcoming weeks regarding this matter.

 The presentations of the event can be download by clicking here