The pilot is composed of four hydrogen production plants demonstrating different hydrogen production pathways located throughout Europe. Please find below more detailed information.


AIR LIQUIDEAir Liquide – SMR Port Jerome – France

The pilot plant by  Air Liquide produces Low Carbon hydrogen using steam methane reforming with a Carbon Capture unit or Green Hydrogen using BioMethane as feed gas.


Key characteristics:

• H2 production capacity: ~4500 kg/h

• H2 utilisation: Refining Industry, Merchant

• CO2 utilisations: Food industry, Water treatment PH control, Green houses.

Pilot Air Liquide


Nouryon / Air Products – Chlor Alkali process Botlek – NetherlandsAirProducts logo pms347 JPG

The pilot demonstration by Nouryon and Air Products uses a chlor alkali process to produce Green Hydrogen in Rotterdam Botlek.Nouryon logo

 Key characteristics: 

• Chlor-Alkali plant, 200 MW

• H2 Production capacity: 18 kt p.a.

• H2 utilisation:

• Delivery to Air Products

• Use in steam generation

Pilot AkzoNobel


Colruyt Group – Hydrogen by water electrolysis – BelgiumColruyt Group P New

The pilot of the retailer Colruyt Group produces Green Hydrogen with electrolysis for their forklifts, heavy duty vehicles and passenger cars.

Key characteristics:

• H2 production capacity: 8 kg/h I PEM (3 kg/h) + Alkaline (5 kg/h)

• Storage: 85 kg

• Fuel Cell: 120 kW

4. pilot colruyt

Uniper – Windgas Falkenhagen – Germany

Uniper Logo Office CO




The pilot project by Uniper produce hydrogen via water electrolysis, subsequently the hydrogen can be either fed into the natural gas grid, or used for methanation. This plant constitutes as one of the world's first demonstrations for storing energy in the natural gas grid. Contact for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


• H2 production capacity: 32 kg/h


• H2 utilisation: 19 kg/h

• CO2 (biogenic) utilisation: 104 kg/h

• SNG1 production capacity: 41 kg/h

4. pilot uniper 2