Designing the first EU-wide Green Hydrogen Guarantee of Origin for a new hydrogen market

Taking Europe-wide Green and Low Carbon Hydrogen Guarantees of Origin (GO) to the next level: from concept to implementation. This is the objective of the CertifHy project undertaken by a consortium led by HINICIO, composed of GREXEL, Ludwig Bölkow Systemtechnik (LBST), TNO and TÜV SÜD and financed by the FCH 2 JU.

Between 2014 and 2016, the CertifHy project brought together multiple stakeholders to develop a common European-wide definition of green hydrogen, develop a hydrogen GO scheme deployable across Europe and a roadmap for its implementation.

The project’s aim is to create the path forward for a concrete and actionable Guarantee of Origin (GO) scheme with a pilot demonstration of the hydrogen GO scheme and the creation of a Stakeholder Platform to give the scheme its legitimacy. The project will define the scheme’s governance, as well as its processes and procedures over the entire GO life cycle: from auditing hydrogen production plants, certification of Green or Low Carbon hydrogen production batches, through issuing, trading to “usage” of GOs.

CertifHy project timeline



The project is expected to run over 12 months, with a possible 6 months extension.

In the first 6 months (October 2017 to April 2018), the pilot system will be designed from specification to developing the pilot procedures including setting up the ICT system. Plant operator preparation for plant and batch audits and certification will begin in parallel. Pilot operations are expected to be launched between March and April 2018. Between June and July 2018, the first hydrogen GOs will be issued and between July and August, they will be traded and used.
For more information on the pilots, please see Link pilots