The Stakeholder Platform to develop the first EU-wide Green Hydrogen scheme
The Stakeholder Platform seeks to bring together all European stakeholders interested in Green and Low Carbon hydrogen GOs to ensure all stakeholder views and interests are taken into account in the elaboration of the Green and Low Carbon hydrogen GO scheme. It is a forum for discussion on the issue of Green hydrogen GOs and the channel through which to shape the ongoing CertifHy project. Furthermore, it will support the implementation of the GO scheme and help gather momentum.

Stakeholder Platform - Working Groups

CertifHy 3 Working Groups Description

Members of the Stakeholder Platform will be informed of the project evolutions and will be able to provide recommendations on the project’s evolution. Key milestones within the project, such as the final proposed hydrogen GO scheme design, will be presented to the Stakeholder Platform for its endorsement.

All stakeholders welcome including non-European members who will hold observer status
Non-European stakeholders are welcome to join the Stakeholder Platform. However, because this project seeks to develop a European-wide green and low carbon hydrogen GO scheme, non-European members will hold observer status.

A stakeholder platform composed of 3 bodies

- The Platform itself which takes physical shape during Plenary Sessions. During these Plenary Sessions, the CertifHy project consortium will provide all stakeholders with an overview of project development.
- The Thematic Working Groups are operational sub-unit of the Stakeholder Platform. They contributed regularly and more directly to the development of the GO scheme and provide recommendations for the GO scheme pilot.
- The Steering Group is the Stakeholder Platform’s executive decision-making body. It will hold the power to modify the Stakeholder Platform’s governance rules, resolve issues which cannot be resolved at working group or stakeholder platform level and represent the Stakeholder Platform. The Steering Group will be composed of 2 members from each working group (the Working Group Chair and co-Chair) and an institutional college bringing together the FCH 2 JU and representatives from the European Commission’s DG MOVE, DG ENER and DG CLIMA. Representatives from the European Commission will have observatory status.

For more information about joining the Stakeholder platform pelase register here and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .