The Stakeholder Platform Steering Group is the decision-making and conflict-resolution body of the Stakeholder Platform. Consensus is sought on all Stakeholder Platform decisions at all levels. However, if consensus cannot be met, the decision is delegated to the Steering Group.
The Stakeholder Platform Steering Group also helps to coordinate the Stakeholder Platform by setting Stakeholder Platform Plenary Sessions’ agendas and calling for Plenary sessions. It is supported in this role by the Stakeholder Platform Secretariat ensured by Hinicio.
The Steering Group is composed of 2 colleges. The first college represents the Stakeholder Platform Working Groups with each elected Working Group Chairs and co-Chairs holding a position on the Steering Group. The second college regroups European Institutions: the FCH JU (as project financer) and the European Commission’s DG MOVE, DG ENER and DG CLIMA.

Minutes of Meeting: Steering Group Meeting 1, 10th January 2018, Brussels

Stakeholder Platform Governance Rules